What I do for you

Four of the key services outlining my role in helping you to achieve your goal.


Property finding services throughout Andalucía. Once your priorities are established I do the leg work to find the most suitable properties for you.

Client Representative

Distance is not an issue.  I act as your personal representative here in Andalucía throughout the entire process from A-Z.

Your team building

There are many different specialists required to realise your goal.  As your representative I propose these different specialists for your approval and lead the team.

designed with and for you

Design is key for good architecture and for a successful and timeless project. A space designed with you in mind – fits like a glove.


I am a UK born, Irish architect, trained in the UK with over 18 years professional experience. I am fluent in English and Spanish, English being my mother tongue and having spoken Spanish for over 25 years. I live in the province of Malaga but work throughout Andalucía.

For me living and working in Andalusia is like living in Ireland but with much, much better weather! I feel very much at home here and have made it so. For this reason I am fully integrated in the Spanish culture, being fluent in Spanish allows me to be at home here. It also allows me to work in the area I am passionate about – architecture.

Feeling part of this place gives me the ability to help others make it their home, be it discussing where best for them to buy, explaining how things work here on different levels, to marrying northern european and international design with Andalusian artistry.

Being a people person helps me greatly in my life and my work. After all, life is about decisions (good ones hopefully) and how to make them real.
Andalucia is an amazing place to live in, part time or full time. But I guess if you are reading this we already share that view.

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9 steps of the Property Creative process – how I can help you to achieve your goal


You most probably have a very good idea of what you want to achieve, or perhaps not. This process of expressing your dream is where we start.


My task is to ask the relevant questions in order to help both you and me understand your dream and prioritise the most important aspects.


Many clients approach me with properties already purchased. Some with serious issues regarding their intended use, structural problems, having paid more than appropriate.


Give me a pencil and I’ll draw you a picture – present me a problem and I’ll draw on my experience – we will define the parameters of by drawing lines.


Money is not a dirty word. Realising a dream is all about priorities. Making the dream reality continuously reassesses these priorities over the course of a project. This requires creativity.


Having a clear vision of what the priorities of the project are is crucial to be able to lead the project and the rest of the team.


Taking a design to site already detailed and costed to reduce the number of surprises a project can throw up is a very exciting stage for both the client and myself.


A space without people and the necessary furnishings is not complete. The most successful projects with my clients include the A-Z services - often termed as ‘Turn-key’.


After all the whole reason for the project is for you to enjoy your new home by finally living here.



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