I am a UK born, Irish descent architect, trained in the UK with over 18 years professional experience.

I am fluent in English and Spanish, English being my mother tongue and having spoken Spanish for over 25 years. I live in the province of Malaga but work throughout Andalucía.

For me living and working in Andalusia is like living in Ireland but with much, much better weather! I feel very much at home here and have made it so. For this reason I am fully integrated in the Spanish culture, being fluent in Spanish allows me to be at home here. It also allows me to work in the area I am passionate about – architecture.

Feeling part of this place gives me the ability to help others make it their home, be it discussing where best for them to buy, explaining how things work here on different levels, to marrying northern international design with Andalusian artistry.

Being a people person helps me greatly in my life and my work. After all, life is about decisions (good ones hopefully) and how to make them real.

Andalucia is an amazing place to live, part time or full time. But I guess if you are reading this we already share that view.


Design is always present in what we create, however ‘good design’ not always.  Good design is not a superfluous ‘add-on’ for those who can afford that little bit extra.  Design is decision making.  It’s creative thinking, planning what needs to be done.

To arrive at a good design takes more time and effort than a bad design. To build a bad design takes the same amount of time as a good design and what should not be done.

Before designing we need to understand what the ‘brief’ is, what is the ‘need’.  What is the ‘dream’ that needs to be made ‘real’?

There is a misplaced understanding of design relating to a fashionable material or a certain look. Design is much more than this and often what people see albeit in the space around them or in publications – is the result of good design.

There is a tendency to ‘pluck’ the look of a design and apply it to a home without understanding why that design worked for that particular space and we forget to ask if in fact the same solution is what is appropriate for your space.

Good design is so much more than a ‘look’.

decision making

In order to make good decisions you need to establish priorities. Creative thinking helps convert priorities into decisions.


Finite, but sustainable, constantly produced; the question is how much are you willing to use.


Not a dirty word and important to establish, the right solution at the right Price.


Varying levels of quality can still achieve the same design goal, it’s a question of review and design clarity.

What is a Property Creative?

A quick insight into what a Property Creative can do for you.

Communication is imperative

A direct line is the only way to ensure clear communication and minimize misinterpretation.

I use online conferencing tools such as GoToMeeting, Skype, email, WhatsApp for direct contact with clients and the other team members.

File sharing of relevant information is made easy by various cloud based servers which ensure that all the team have access to the up to date documents as they are created. So you have up to date information of the progress of your project even though you are possibly far away.


Andalucía is a beautiful part of the world to live in, be it for a short period or the place you want to make your permanent home.

Good design does not need to cost the earth. Andalucía has many talented tradesmen and women, designers, builders, plasters, plumbers, electricians who are consummate professionals in their respective areas. With a well-established manufacturing base any bespoke item required for your project can be designed and manufactured here.

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