To clarify any initial queries you might have relating to Liam Phelan-Property Creative. Here are some answers to some of my clients most frequently asked questions.


Imagination is the beginning of creation.  You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. – George Bernard Shaw. A ‘Property Creative’ is what I propose to describe a person like myself trained and experienced in architectural design with a wider understanding of a client’s requirements to achieve their overall goals and not just those relating to a new build or a refurbishment of a piece of property.  I firmly believe that the creative process starts from the word go… at the ideas stage, way before you actually purchase or rework as specific property. This is a very different approach to the more traditional role of estate agents, architects or builders.

  • Creative thinker and problem solver.
  • Objective independent client representative protecting the clients’ interests at all times.
  • Healthy active individual available to do the leg work to find the plot of land or the property that will match your requirements.
  • Architect/ designer/ interior and exterior.
  • Professional trained to understand the nature of buildings, places and culture.
  • Did I say designer?
  • Capacitated to work with other specialists required to design and create architectural solutions in line with your desires.
  • Good communicator to ensure you are kept informed of progress.
  • Team leader – I know how to keep the balance between passion and objectivity while ensuring that all team members are capacitated to work to their potential to fulfil the proposed design. There are always ups and downs throughout the project the secret is to keep calm but keep moving with eyes firmly fixed on the design intent.

No. I am not an estate agent.  Estate agents serve a very good purpose to bridge sellers and buyers in specific locations. I have no connection with any one estate agent. I am independent from any estate agent or seller.  This enables me to look in many different areas to ensure that I am not limited to a property that might be promoted by a specific estate agent.  My opinion is also objective when viewing the property with a thorough critical eye, to be able to identify negative and positive aspects of the property that may hinder or help achieve your goals.  Having this critical understanding of a property prior to making an offer is a crucial step in this lengthy process.

It’s extremely feasible for you to deal directly with an estate agent, many people do.  The time required identifying, visiting and critiquing a property prior to purchase is substantial. However, the services that I provide in terms of a critical viewing of the property, it’s surrounding area, cultural awareness and design feasibility allow me to inform you prior to purchase as to the suitability of any one property with regards to the goals we set out. I do the leg work for you and the properties you view are already filtered to ensure the use of your precious time is focused.

Yes. The complete range of services is offered.

Both personally and professionally I would advise anyone purchasing a property to seek legal advice from an independent professional that speaks your language, such as a lawyer in the case of Spain.  A Notary is a private individual providing a public function. Every property purchase needs to be witnessed by a Notary so that the private sale contract is accepted as a public deed and later incorporated into the Public Property Register.  A good lawyer on the other hand should be able to advise you on many issues related to the process of purchasing the property and checking any legal nuances.  There services can also incorporate guidance on tax and residency issues. The lawyer in the purchase process should be your adviser on all matters legal.

As a result of our initial conversations we will have a fairly clear understanding as to what your priorities are with respect to the geographic location you wish to buy into.  Issues such as closeness to airport, hospitals, schools, transport hubs, sea or mountain will help focus within that geographical area.  My initial report will outline how such criteria score with each property allowing you to understand each property in such a light.

As an architect my concern is not just about spatial quality and detail finishes, but also how the property sits within the countryside or city, its relationships to neighbouring properties, seasonal variations in temperature and sunlight, neighbouring uses that might be at odds with the use you want to make of the property in question, ease of access to and from the property and say local airports, schools, hospitals and other amenities. These are all elements that are valued when looking at any specific property location.

Yes. My services can be tailored to your needs.


  • Initial consultation as to what you have in mind and which locations are best suited.
  • Outline brief of what your priorities are in order to focus the search
  • Search, visit and report back to you on the suitable properties available in the selected area (Andalucía)
  • Develop initial design options on a number of the shortlisted properties to assist in the final selection
  • Negotiate price based on critical understanding of the property
  • Assist in appointing local legal representatives to advise on purchase, tax and other legal matters
  • Architectural and interior design services
  • Contract administrator of the building contract, overseeing the entire project from start to finish, representing you throughout the process.
  • Furnishing and property staging services
  • Turn-key
  • Property maintenance services

As you can imagine the service I provide is a bespoke service and no two projects are the same.  The cost of my involvement is discussed in detail once we have an understanding of what you hope to achieve. All fees are explained in detail and justified prior to my appointment and include the provision of a detailed programme.

I will be your sole point of contact for all issues relating to the project from start to finish.

A direct line of contact via mobile phone ensures a continuous communication supported by email correspondence together with ‘go to meeting’ online conferencing to ensure a face to face discussion where needed.

Initialy your involvement is crucial for me to understand what it is you wish to achieve.  Once this is established and clearly outlined your involvement can be what you wish.  The process is designed to seek your approval of all key stages prior to progressing. This is an ongoing conversation through the various means already discussed with key milestone check points which allow us to take stop of where we are prior to moving on to the next stage. This ensures we are on track and in line with our initial ideas, goals and costs.

This can depend on the type of property you are hoping to purchase. In most scenarios this depends on what is available at that moment.  However, if the property you are searching for is not on the market but identifiable measures can be taken to approach the current owners and negotiate. The initial study is usually a desktop study of the real estate agents in a specific area, followed by meeting the agents and visiting a selection of properties that initially match your criteria.  Once these properties are viewed I produce a basic report to propose to you those properties that I feel are more suitable.  If further in-depth study is required prior to your visit this can be arranged.  Once we have refined the selection there is a requirement for you to visit the properties with me so you can decide under advisement which property you would prefer to purchase.

‘Turn-key refers to the complete provision of services, from design to completion that result in the handing over of a property ready to move into and start living in from day one.


My background is architectural and interior design. From A-Z.

If you so desire this is not a problem at all.

Cost control as is quality control is crucial.  Budgets based on detailed design are established through requiring quotes from existing trades and other specialists prior to starting work.  This ensures that all parties are fully aware what is expected of them in terms of quality, cost and time delivery prior to starting work.

Payments can be controlled in a number of ways.  Escrow accounts can be used to allow me to make payments on your behalf once each payment stage is arrived at.

Yes. This is a common requirement as many international property owners are not resident full time in Spain.  Being thousands of kilometres away when issues arise fades into insignificance when you know you have a trustworthy individual looking after your interests.

«Vivienda con fines turísticas» is a new category of use for private dwellings that are rented out to tourists for short periods of time.  These properties now are required to be registered with the authorities and need to satisfy a certain level with regards to the standard of accommodation offered to paying guests. In some instances clients who wish to invest a certain amount of money it is sometimes of interest to divide the portfolio and allow for one of the properties to be offered for tourist use in this way.  The management of such a property is also something that I can manage which allows your property to produce income while you are not making use of it.

Golden visa refers to Spain’s (new as of 2013) Investors Residency Visa and Permit. This visa is granted to non-EU members not already residing in Spain who satisfy a certain level of investment.  In order to apply for this visa the minimum investment in real estate is 500,000 euros.

This figure can be invested in one or more properties to create a portfolio with this minimum value.  In order to seek further advice on such a visa we can happily put you in touch with the relevant legal professional to assist you in your application.  These professionals have successfully achieved visas for my clients.

What is a Property Creative?

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