What is a Property Creative?

A property creative is a professional person, working within the property sector, providing real creative solutions to clients who are convinced that good design is added value to any building project. Design is key.

Design is a word that is often misused. It is often confused with style, fashion, status, decoration, and aesthetics. Design does in fact give rise to these realities but they are not design – rather they are designed.

Design is idea. Good architecture is good ideas – built. Good buildings come from good ideas. Ideas come from thinking.

Think before you act – this is design. This is what a Property Creative helps you to do. This creative thinking is the starting point of your project and is practised throughout the entire Project.

My work process

Design also can mean drawing, model, study, arrangement...

This central idea we speak about is captured and studied by drawing, modelling prior to starting building.
I believe this stage of the process should still be just between the client and the architect.


You most probably have a very good idea of what you want to achieve, or perhaps not. You may have spoken lots with your partner, friends and family as to what your dream is and also what concerns you. This process of expressing your dream is where we start.

02. TALK

The previous step was you talking. Now it’s my turn to join in. This way we can discuss your dream ideas and focus on the various aspects to develop these ideas, it’s now my task to ask the relevant questions in order to help both you and me understand your dream and prioritise the most important aspects. This is crucial to outline prior to starting our search.


Many clients approach me with properties already purchased. Some with serious issues regarding their intended use, structural problems, having paid more than appropriate or realising post purchase that the surrounding area is not what they expected. All these issues are best understood prior to negotiating the price.

04. DRAW

Give me a pencil and I’ll draw you a picture – present me a problem and I’ll draw on my experience – we will define the parameters by drawing a line.
Drawing is how we externalise our ideas. It’s our way of testing them before we embark on building them.

Talk about ideas – research and draw these ideas – results in ‘Your’ home not mine.

05. COST

Money is not a dirty word. Projects with small budgets can be as creatively achieved as those with large budgets. However the rule of three does exist. I refer to the interrelationship of cost : time : quality. Realising a dream is all about priorities. Making the dream reality continuously reassesses these priorities over the course of a project. This requires creativity.

06. TEAM

Having a clear vision of what the priorities of the project are is crucial to be able to lead the project and the rest of the team. Yes, the team. There is always a team. Even though the team is made up of different professionals from separate companies, for the purposes of the project they are the team. Taking a project from A-Z relies on a number of specialists.


Taking a design to site already developed in detail and costed to reduce possible surprises a project can throw up is a very exciting stage for both the client and myself. I personally find my presence on site to be crucial so as to benefit from and harness the skills and experience of the relevant trades and ensure a seamless communication as possible.


The finish in term of my involvement and the team’s involvement can vary from project to project. A space without furnishings is not complete. Though my appointment can be up until the furniture is about to arrive, I find the most successful projects from my clients include the A-Z service which is often termed as ‘Turn-key’.

A successful Project requires coordination and good communication – from start to finish.

The design idea captured in a drawing is a crucial means to an end – but the real magic happens on site.


After all the whole reason for the project is for you to enjoy your new home by finally living in it. Once you have moved in any issues that might arise from simple defects that might appear are dealt with by the same team and retentions are held which allow a review of the work after either 6 or 12 months whereby any defects are made good.

What is a Property Creative?

A quick insight into what a Property Creative can do for you.